Introducing the “Scale the Wall” Video Series

We love hearing the stories behind today’s private companies: how they started, the challenges they faced and where they are heading next. That’s why NASDAQ Private Market is sponsoring the “Scale the Wall” video series, developed by Business Rockstars. Every Friday for the next few months, we will interview a different founder or CEO of a prominent startup or private company. We’ll discover how and why they started their business, some of the challenges they faced along the way and how they conquered them.

Check out some of the interviews we’ve conducted so far:

Sam Hodges, Co-Founder of Funding Circle:

Entrepreneurship is a decathlon; the challenges you face every day are different.”

Sam Hodges co-founded Endurance Lending after noticing how fragmented and inefficient the loan business was for both borrowers and investors.  He then merged Endurance with Funding Circle to create Funding Circle USA.   Two years later, the company is one of the leading peer-to-peer lending platforms. In this interview he talks about some of the growth challenges his company faced (including growing too quickly) and how he was able to overcome them.

Luke Schneider, CEO of Silver Car:

“Being an entrepreneur means having a vision and conviction; if you don’t have that, you’re no different than anyone else that works in a company, big or small.”

Luke Schneider couldn’t reconcile why he could buy music instantly on his phone but not replicate the same experience when it came to renting a vehicle. That was back in 2008. Four years later he founded Silver Car, one of the leading car rental companies which allows its users to rent cars directly from their phone. In this interview, he talks about the difficulties he initially faced in convincing his peers to believe in his idea and how he was able to gather the resources necessary to make his vision a reality.

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