Secondary Transaction Volume on Nasdaq Private Market Reaches $1.6 BN in 2015

2015 saw a decrease in global IPOs and sharp increase in large late-stage funding rounds. Since the JOBS Act in 2012, private companies are increasingly remaining private for longer durations. Furthermore, the profiles of private companies conducting tender offers appear more mature than ever. In 2015, typical clients averaged 9 years of age, with over 400 employees, $350 million in primary capital raised, and a valuation of $1.8 billion. These characteristics look similar those of a traditional mid-cap, public company.

Nevertheless, while the private market has quickly evolved since 2012, it still has a long way to go. Standards for company disclosure are starting to develop, and the frictional cost of transacting is decreasing. The future of the private market depends on companies continuing an active role in the secondary market, placing structure around liquidity strategies that meet their level of maturity, and focusing on what is most important to them – developing quality products as quickly as possible. Best practices are coming to the forefront, and NASDAQ Private Market is proud to be leading the effort.

In our 2015 Year-End Private Company Report- the first since NASDAQ Private Market acquired SecondMarket- we take a look at the growing phenomenon of private company liquidity. Using data from programs on both the NASDAQ Private Market and SecondMarket platforms, we analyze the top-line trends, including how and why private companies use tender offers to deliver liquidity to their shareholders.

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